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Within this section we feature each locomotive in detail which we have either built from scratch or locos requiring a total rebuild or restoration. Due to the large number of locomotives we have worked on this will take a considerable time to locate images etcetera, please be patient! Where possible locomotives will appear in chronological order.

Lilian is a freelance locomotive which was started by one of our customers who decided to move on to a larger gauge of locomotive, 15 inch gauge which we completed for him back in 2013 and will be featured  in this section.

This large model is a scaled from one of the 2 foot 6 inch gauge locomotive of the long closed Leek and Manifold Railway. The Railway owned two of these magnificent locomotives which were identical as built. They were ordered on the 6th August 1903 at a cost of £1,725.00 each!

March 23rd, 2014

The largest locomotive we have been working on is this large 10 1/4 inch gage model of a Leek and Manifold  Valley light Railway  and were 2foot 6 inch gauge 2-6-4 tank locomotive.

February 8th, 2014

Recently we started work on a 7 1/4 inch gauge  Hunslet quarry type loco. We are using photos and measurements of full size examples to produce an authentic working model for our client. below are photos of the progress. 

The completed axle boxes machined from solid bronze.

The completed axle boxes machined from solid bronze.

Here we see the assembled main frames with the wheels being tested for fit and alignment.

Here we see the

This Locomotive is one we completed some years ago (infact just shy of 10 years ago) this was brought in as an unfinished project of tender and basic running chassis, the drawings and castings coming from Hillcrest railroad CA.

we had to redeisign parts of this exsisting locos workings, mostly

Recently finished at our works is this 10 1/4 gauge sided wagon based on a ww1 WD  trench railways wagon for general service.

designed to be a multi purpose wagon to carry loads from ballest to doubling up as a wagon\ carriage to carry passangers, this wagon has a rear opening door at each end

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