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In this section we deal with the many bespoke steam fittings we make for locomotives in the works or for customers own projects.

We also undertake a wide range of steam fittings manufacture from models size right up to full size for locomotives, traction engines, steam rollers, stationary and portable steam plants..

listed are some of the many bespoke fittings we can manufacture;

  • Boiler check/clack valves
  • Inline oil check valves
  • Safety valves ball or  stainless steel turned valve types.
  • Boiler blowdown valves.
  • Fusible plugs.
  • Steam turrets
  • Steam whistles to any design.
  • Combined Blastpipe blower assembly.
  • Boiler hand feed pumps.
  • Axle driven boiler feed pumps.
  • De-Winton cylinder oilers


We also offer a steam fittings Re-furbishment service from model to full size equipment. We have carried out a wide range of projects on 2 foot gauge locomotives and full size traction engines and steam rollers. Please enquire to see if we can help you.


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